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Seán Walsh

Seán Walsh  has worked theatre maker for more than twelve years: as an actor, a theatre director and  since 2016 a teacher within  the Studio of his mentor Louise Lasser. Beyond the classroom he serves  as an onsite coach for film and performance consultant for theatre productions.  Seán studied  his crafts at  the Louise Lasser and HB Studios and  received his MFA in Theatre Directing at the Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin. His dislikes include- Talking about himself in the third person.

The Work 

As  laid out in our mission statement, the goal  is for the actor to come away with personalized technique that will  carry them through and inform their instrument at every moment of their lives on stage or in front of a camera.  An actor's technique grows just beneath the surface . Through Technique, text and character  work In our classes we bring personalized approachers to methodologies like that of Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagen.


WHILE ALL PRACTICES METHODOLOGIES ARE aimed at the same place different ones offer better access points and structure ways of clarity and ways of potency

couple points

seriousness of it

and the work of  personalization

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